Movement specs

All movements are tested and regulated before shipping. If you find your movement running outside of specs on delivery, please contact us.


Miyota 9015 - Average daily rate of -10 to +30 seconds/day, tested between 10 and 60 minutes of full power (40 complete crown rotations, or 80 half-turns), measured in 4 positions of dial up, 6 up, crown up, and crown down, with up to 40 seconds/day of posture difference, and 20-40 seconds/day difference due to isochromism (loss of accuracy at less than 1/2 of full power).


**If your watch displays the date, it should automatically change around midnight.

 But if your watch has stopped, manually setting the date between 9pm and 4am can damage the date-change mechanism. If your watch has stopped, the time displayed could be am, or pm. 

To avoid causing damage, first advance the hours until you see the date change near 12am, then set the watch to the correct time, then set the watch to the correct date, so long as the current time is not between 9pm and 4am.