Heading to Kickstarter next week!

Hi everyone! If you didn’t see the email or various posts, we didn’t hit the number needed on pre orders alone. So I’m going to turn to Kickstarter. This possibility was built in to our 120 day timeline. But if you’d like out, let me know, and I’ll refund you. ALSO, the KS price will be $50 less($349), and will not include any straps. So I will do 1 of 2 things for you. Either refund $50 and no straps. Or if we succeed with the rest of funding on KS, I will refund $25 and you can keep the two straps in the package. Does that make sense? Obviously if we can’t raise the rest on KS, and I’ve exhausted all other options, everyone will get a full refund at that point. That said, continue to help me spread the word!